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Our Story

     In late 2019, Corey Hammond and Greg Brockman chatted over the phone about an idea for a butcher shop in Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Heights was the only neighborhood they had their sights on, given that Corey had lived there for three years by now; he always wondered why there was no butcher shop on Vanderbilt Avenue. Greg, a professional whole animal butcher going 10 years strong, built the entire whole animal butchery program at Foragers Market in DUMBO. He was ready to take the next step in his career. Corey, an entrepreneur in the eCommerce space and ex-Walmart eCommerce buyer, wanted to open a high-quality butcher shop on “Main Street” and fill a gap in the neighborhood.

     When COVID-19 devastated our Brooklyn communities, Greg and Corey noticed an even stronger need for fresh meats, especially during the non-essential business closures. Thanks to Brian Bush’s (Prospect Butcher Co.’s advisor) suggestion, Corey reached out to Faun on Vanderbilt Avenue, and asked if they could use the kitchen space while the restaurant could not operate during shutdown. David, Faun’s owner, graciously welcomed Greg & Corey into the space, allowing Prospect Butcher Co. to sell meats and chat with the community on the weekends. We called it the Prospect Butcher Co. Weekend Pop Up Shop. It was a complete success.

     The Pop Up Shop operated May 2020 through September 2020. Corey & Greg generated plenty of buzz, and they gained loyal customers in a matter of weeks. It became obvious that there was a need in Prospect Heights for a butcher, and Prospect Butcher Co. was perfectly positioned to meet that need.

     In October 2020, Prospect Butcher Co. signed a lease for 665 Vanderbilt Avenue. They began renovations right away. At the same time, Greg reached out to his previous teammates in the butcher community and began building an all-star team for the shop. Every founding member was given the opportunity to invest in the business and, most importantly, Greg & Corey provided ownership based on a vesting schedule. 

     Today, the all-star team is ramping up operations at 665 Vanderbilt Avenue. Every day, they’re adding new meats and cuts to the displays, and hard-to-find dry goods to the shelves. 

See you soon!

The Prospect Butcher Co. Team


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