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From the farm:

McEnroe Organic Farm has been NOFA-NY Certified Organic for over 25 years; it is one of New York’s oldest and most diverse certified organic farms and stands at over 1,200 acres of fields, pastures, and greenhouses.

McEnroe Organic Farm raises a diversity of livestock, including beef cattle, chicken, and turkey. Originally established as a dairy farm in 1953, the farm transitioned to organically raising beef cattle in 1995. The last of the dairy cows were sold in 1994. The farm has continued to expand and diversify since then. In 2001, we incorporated poultry to our livestock.

How Do We Raise Animals Organically?

We provide access to pasture to allow natural feeding behaviors.
Any feed supplements such as grain and hay are grown organically.
All grain and hay are grown from non-GMO seeds.
Our livestock are raised with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Cattle & Poultry

Our cattle and poultry are pasture-raised, and consume only certified organic grass, grain, and hay produced on our farm. All of their food is organic, grown on our farm, and hand-mixed at our farm. Our cattle has been a closed herd since 1995, and are bred to be productive on pasture and with end-product taste in mind. Our livestock are also raised in accordance with NOFA-NY standards.


Cattle: Hereford, Wagyu, & Angus

Chickens: Cornish Cross (we do not raise laying hens)

Turkeys: Broad Breasted White & Broad Breasted Bronze (Heritage Breed)

Our calving season takes place in February, March, and April during cooler months and no flies. They are placed in pasture after a few months old and forage with their mother. We allow calves to spend over 200 days with their mothers and ween them in December, which is above industry standards of about 150 days.

Exceptional Flavor

Our meats result in exceptional flavor from our growing and feeding process. We feed our livestock with our own forages and grains, and allow them to develop a good life and age naturally in a low-stress environment.

McEnroe Farms

2hr Drive

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